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    How much are you going to spend on your new home?
    Estimated Rebate:$

    How? It's simple. For MLS listings, we only charge a 1.5% buyer's commission. Any listed commissions over that get rebated back to you at closing. Since many MLS listings offer 3% to the buyer's agent, you can get thousands in rebates!

    Estimated savings are calculated based on the traditional 6% brokerage commission rate and may vary depending on actual purchase price and commission rate. 

    How much are you going to sell your home for?
    Estimated Savings$

    How? It's simple! For MLS listings, we only charge a 1.5% seller's commission, and let you choose the buyer's commission! (We suggest 1.5% there, too.) That saves you 50% off of traditional fees!

    Estimated savings are calculated based on the traditional 6% brokerage commission rate and may vary depending on actual purchase price and commission rate. 

    Home Buyers

    Buying a home is a big deal! But that doesn’t mean it needs to be stressful or cost an arm and a leg.

    Today, over 90% of home searches start online.  Buyers have been empowered with tools that make the whole process smoother and faster.  Because of that, many buyers are doing the work of searching and looking through listings without an agent.  And why not? The internet has made it fun and easy, and nobody knows what you want better than you do.  So if buyers are doing more work themselves, why are they still paying real estate agents a big 3% commission?

    That doesn’t seem fair to us either.  Instead, we give you the guidance and tools you need to narrow your home search at your pace, and charge half of the traditional fee – just 1.5%.  Any listed commissions above that go right back into your pocket at closing.  That’s real money, and our average client gets almost $4,000 back at closing!

    Tow hook up fee

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